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Cirrus Photo 600
 Zeiss Cirrus Photo 600
 Visualized findings from various modalities
 Correlated data from high-density OCT cubes
 Superb color fundus results
 Fundus autofluorescence and fluorescein angiography
A more comprehensive clinical evaluation
 Very comfortable
 A non-invasive procedure
 Resume normal activities
Cirrus Photo 600
Broader clinical insights, greater diagnostic certainty
The CIRRUS photo 600 multi-modality systems combine standard-setting CIRRUS OCT technology with full-featured mydriatic/non-mydriatic fundus imaging in one integrated compact and versatile system. This allows us to correlate data from high-density OCT cubes, thickness and layer maps with results from superb color fundus, and angiography images in one imaging session without the need to move you, the patient.

Comprehensive, high-quality diagnostics form the basis for informed decisions. With its superb multimodality visualizations, CIRRUS photo delivers exceptional diagnostic accuracy and certainty.
Cirrus Photo 600   Interactive review
The system's one-of-a-kind Multi-Mode Navigator enables interactive analysis of registered fundus images and OCT cube scans - horizontal and vertical direction. 
Cirrus Photo 600   Precise registration
OCT scans are automatically registered with different types of fundus images including color fundus, angiography and fundus autofluorescence* images, bringing depth to our analysis. 
Cirrus Photo 600   Multimodal assessments
CIRRUS photo allows us to conduct examinations with various modalities and to correlate the findings at one single workstation. Every fundus image can also be registered independently of the acquisition sequence, along with other flexible combinations. 
Cirrus Photo 600    Orientation at a glance
Whether for a quick overview or point-by-point comparisons, thumbnails provide at-a-glance insights.

 Marco 3-D Wave ARK 10000

The Marco 3-D Wave ARK 10000 combines three advanced technologies plus wavefront analysis, in one easy-to-use refractive diagnostic workstation. With the Marco 3-D Wave a practice can obtain refraction, corneal topography, optical path difference (OPD) and wavefront analysis. The Marco 3-D Wave allows the user to evaluate a patient comprehensively, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings, evaluate postoperative complaints, and determine pathology diagnoses. In short, the Marco 3-D Wave gives outstanding vision diagnostic capabilities that in the past were simply unavailable.


With the remarkable Marco 3-D Wave, Marco gives you an instrument that can evaluate the patient’s total optical system. Measuring both low and high-order aberrations on a single axis, the Marco 3-D Wave gives you the power to diagnose patient complaints that simply would not be diagnosed before.


Marco 3-D Wavefront Analysis For True Vision Diagnostics:

Optical Path Difference (OPD)
Wavefront High-Order
Wavefront Total
Eye Image Displaying Mesopic and Photopic Pupils
Internal OPD
Refractive Maps
Point Spread Function




Marco 3-D Wave (ARK 10000) Applications:

Evaluating all eyes not correctable to 20/20
Differentiating corneal from lenticular aberrations
Comparing objective to subjective point spread function (PSF)
Assessing cataract patients’ symptoms and “quality” of vision
Pre- and post-posterior capsular opacification (PCO) effects
Evaluating post-op IOL tilt, decentration, multifocal optics
Assessing contact-lens candidates for soft- versus hard-lens wear
Contact-lens care, including orthokeratology (e.g., CRT)
Evaluating corneal aberrations secondary to certain lid and ocular surface pathologies
Monitoring progress and visual effects from varying ocular pathologies and surgeries
Assessing pre- and post-corneal refractive surgery patients
Evaluating post-op refractive-surgery complaints
Counseling patients on their specific benefits (and limitations) with conventional versus wavefront-guided custom ablation


 The OCULUS Easyfield
The OCULUS Easyfield is an exciting compact perimeter that performs static perimetry up to 30º. It has been designed as a visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available only in large units.

The Easyfield's integrated bowl with a 11.81" (30 cm) radius and distance corrected lens is adapted to the Goldmann standard and fulfills the ISO-norm 12866 for perimeters.

The Easyfield has a fixed point grid with 135 test locations including 30-2.
Benefits of the Oculus EasyField

CLIP (Continuous Light Increment Perimetry) follows a radically different path. In contrast to the regular bracketing methods, CLIP makes use of test points with luminance increased at a steady rate. As a result, test duration is drastically shortened. Also, reproducibility of the results is increased. By measuring the average reaction time of the patient and choosing the appropriate incremental rate of the luminance, a significant reduction of the examination time can be achieved, without losing precision or reproducibility. The fact that a stimulus with increasing luminance in the end is always observed, generates elevated patient comfort.

DGH 8000 -Scan Scanmate 
8000 B-Scan Scanmate A B-scan is an ultrasound tool that emits high frequency sound waves to provide a cross-sectional, two-dimensional view of eye tissue that is not otherwise visible. These sound waves are reflected by eye tissues and orbital structures and converted into electrical pulses, then displayed as bright spots on a black background.
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